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October 2016

We aren't particularly busy this month; but that just means that we are gearing up for a handful of awesome shows this winter!! Be sure to check out 'Shows' page to stay up to date with the shows…Read more
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Time for some more big news....

For over a year, Marcel has been hosting his bluegrass night at a smaller and absolutely wonderful venue in downtown Bellingham, The Honeymoon! And while he is incredibly grateful and happy to have been able to work with the venue…Read more
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Live Videos!

Everyone! We have a Youtube Channel, so be sure to go check it out! There is a full set of videos from the last time we played at the Shakedown in Bellingham!
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Spring Updates

We have had some very successful shows as of late! And we have a ton more coming up. You can check us out all over the county, and even in Leavenworth, in a few weeks! We are doing a little…Read more
Honeymoon radio

Marcel's Bluegrass Night on KMRE

This month our buddy Scot at the Honeymoon Cider and Meads is helping us put together a wonderful show! He will be helping us to record the Bluegrass Night, and it will then be played on the KMRE radio station…Read more
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KMRE and The Green Frog

Tonight we are performing at the Honeymoon in Downtown Bellingham, where KMRE Radio will be recording their performance to broadcast on their station! We'll keep ya updated on more information once we know.

And with only a little bit of…Read more

April Brew's Day in The Western Front

The attendees were entertained by the bluegrass duo Marcel and Nakos as they walked by the long rows of beer and cider venders. 

“I thought it was really great, of course people aren’t there for the music. They are…

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