Guitar Doctor USA

Zack 2
Zack Van Houten at Guitar Doctor USA is one of the only people that Marcel gets to work on his instruments. He is talented, knowledgeable and one hell of a guitarist. We would recommend him for any issues or questions someone may have. 

The Autumn Divers

Autumn divers 2
The Autumn Divers are a great local acoustic band. They specialize in Irish and Appalachian tradition music, which lends a hand in their old country/bluegrass sound. All members are technically advanced and they sound incredible. They are worth a listen!

BreannaMarie Photography

Breanna pic
Our good friend Breanna at Breanna Marie Photography, has been exceptionally helpful. She is not only extremely kind and easy to work with, but she is passionate about her craft. We love every photo we have received from her. Be sure to check out her work. You will not be disappointed. 


Our buddy Jan Peters and his group Gallowglass, are great.  Jan leads this group and he is not only a great musician, but he is very involved within the community. Make sure to check out all of his and the rest of the groups music.

Funk Schwey Studios

A huge thanks to Mike Cloud at Funk Schwey Studios. His help on our album and past projects has been great! He is always available to help and we have always been able to achieve the sound we want. 


Jackalope, Marcel's other band, is a high-intensity bluegrass group. They specialize in insanely fast songs, tight harmonies and devilishly interesting lyrics. 

Kulshan Brewery

Kulshan 2
There are only three things you need to know about Kulshan Brewing. Fantastic beer. Incredible staff. And an awesome location to play at. If you haven't been yet, you're crazy. So, swing by when you get a chance!


The five fellas of Moongrass grew up crooning about drinking, love, loss and other American themes. Their music is earnest and filled with soul. And they recently released their newest album, "Shadow in the Country". 

The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon has been a fantastic resource for us. We would not have been able to start and create such a great atmosphere for Marcel's Bluegrass Night had it not been for their support and accommodating staff. 

Broken Bow Stringband

Broken bow
Broken Bow Stringband plays traditional bluegrass music at it's finest! They feature guitar, fiddle, bass, banjo and mandolin, all which create an awesome sound.